About us

Why localchacha begin?

Hello! welcome to localchacha.com we provide the best and trustworthy service provider to your doorstep.

 In our busy life we always face the day to day household problem like fan is not working of my room, for a new tap installation in my kitchen and bathroom, to colour the our house beautifully. But we can not find the qualified service provider in time who can solve these kind of small and long time work our house in an affordable price.

But from today you don’t have to worry about to find an experience and trustworthy service provider who can provide the quality work to your home.We have a small and experience team of  our service provider working with three major service of your house ( Electrical, Plumbing and House Painting) in Jamshedpur location.

Who is localchacha?

Our vision & mission

Localchacha is an online platform where you can find your service provider related electrical, plumbing and house painting work to your doorstep with quality time.

The only vision & mission is to be provide always best service to our customer and make them happy always without any complain.